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NIMCOS Was envisioned With a View to raising Agents of Transformation. Its dream is to raise Christlike disciples who are kingdom ambassadors; kingdom investors with kingdom mirdset and values. It seeks to raise job creators and not job seekers, men and women Who promote kingdom prosperity for Mission Support. It is Structured so that in the nearest future, these people raised Will become NIFES life partners and supporters. NIFES Investment and Corporative is one of our dream ways of establishing a structured Corporate Strategy and system to raise kingdom minded investors and entrepreneurs.

NIMCOS encourages savings, credits and loans towards empowering for investments

NIMCOS creates capacity for a National network of mentored investors at the marketpIace.

  •  To raise Christian entrepreneurs with biblical principles
  •  To promote business in missions and to provide investment opportunities
  •  To alleviate funding challenges and teach giving
  •  To provide employment opportunities and quality products to the public.
  •  To encourage NIFES graduates and entrepreneurs to be involved in compassionate ministry.

It involves raising sustainable funding for NIFES through shareholders.

Building Investment to develop collective team effort towards raising capital for investments and support the missions' enterprise, most especially NIFES Vision and Mission

This could include savings and thrifts to do personal or corporate project financing, car, housing Children Education and saving for family holidays, etc.

NIMCOS is registered as a multi-purpose Corporative. It has 9 Board Members, all seasoned and credible men and women of integrity with many years of experience in their various fields of endeavor.

Being a new venture with the stated objectives, NIMCOS has a maturity period of two years. Investors are expected to invest in NIMCOS for at least 18 -24 months being the earliest duration before dividends would be given out to Shareholders. For student projects, it a minimum of months.


NIMCOS through its Board will offer training on the following additional areas:

  1. Interested students, young Graduates and other participants( Entrepreneurial Training on how to be involved in wealth creation, self-Employment, skill acquisition, Kingdom Financial Management and empowerment)
  2. Retirement Planning & Earning Side Income (Ways to Earn Extra Money without Leaving your Day Job)
  3. Improved Employee Performance (Build Your Image for Career Success)
  4. Making Children Financially Smart (Making your Child Financially Intelligent - Money Lessons by Age Group (from 3-13 yrs)


  •  Agro-marketing business
  •  Real estate
  •  Education
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