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How it Works


NIFES Graduates, Associates & Staff

This shall be through a monthly contributory investment of N3000 or more.


  •  This shall be through a monthly contributory investment for a minimum of N250 to build capital base upon graduation.
  •   Minimum of N300 monthly for Research Development Saving Fund (RDSF) to save for your project/thesis writing or execution
    NB: This could also be given in bulk for months or a given period.


Those who are eligible to invest are:

  •  Individuals, Graduates and Staff
  •  Students from all Campuses


An investor can request for a soft loan to invest in his/her businesses having invested for 24 months in the first instance. These loans would be given based on the constitution guiding the operations of NIMCOS and are payable within a time- frame specified in the agreement. This will be determined based on the rate of investment and turnover and will be shared on, based on the agreement as stated in the bye-laws.

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